Not sure who to ask, which way to turn?

The WLSinfo helpline may be the place to start for you.

For the cost of a local call you can leave a message on the WLSinfo Helpline. It's an answerphone – just leave us your name, number and details of your query and one of our volunteers will get back to you.

weight loss surgery information & support helpline

We have helped hundreds of people over the years. Here are a few examples...

Angela from Shrewsbury had had her band filled and couldn’t swallow her own saliva. A call to the helpline persuaded her she should talk to her her surgeon or contact a local hospital. 

Alf from Lancaster thought he was the only person in his area who had had bariatric surgery till he called the helpline. He is now a regular contributor to the forums. Mary from Brighton was suffering from diarrhoea after her DS and  felt reassured to talk to another DS patient who had been there too.

Bob from Leeds was struggling with swallowing difficulties early on following his gastric bypass. He called the helpline and was given helpful advice which put his mind at rest.

Shirley from Liverpool wanted to know when the next support group meeting was as she doesn't have internet access so could not use our forums for support.  She is now a regular attender at the Liverpool meeting.

The helpline is a really active part of the support mechanisms we have in place. It is open to users, members, carers, professionals and the media.

For help, support, information and a listening ear call

0151-222-4737 and leave a message to speak to one of our helpful team.


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